J-POP Manga has revealed all the news that is coming and the continuation series that we can buy during the month of May. Among the novelties of this month we find the debut in Italy of the iron herofantasy action miniseries ryo sumiyoshithe love of boys manga Our future – Bokura no tsuzuki from Amamiya and the long awaited night call from dagashi kashi.

Let’s find out more details together thanks to the press release issued by the publisher.

BD and J-POP Manga Editions Present May Releases

Milan, May 3, 2022: Our Future – Bokura no tsuzuki, Call of the Night 1, Smile Down The Runway 1, Moonlight Invader, Sword Art Online Progressive – Barcarolle Of Froth Box, Tokyo Revengers, I Am a Hero and The Sitied : Editions BD and J-POP Manga present all the releases of the month of May. Here are all the details.

May 4th

Among the novelties that arrive in May the iron hero, an action-fantasy miniseries with a steampunk atmosphere. from the talent of Ryo Sumiyoshi, the creature designer for the anime Golden Kamui, a collector’s box that collects all four volumes of the series. In a world where everyone is born with two extra metal arms, a demon with hundreds of steel limbs threatens total destruction of the world and everyone in it. But although the end seems inevitable, a boy named Ashidaka, hated because he came into the world with four metal arms, gathers a group of warriors to face the threat. Will the determination of Ashidaka and his comrades-in-arms be enough to win the holy war that lies ahead?

On May 4, the exciting reboot of the saga continues with a new complete box sword art onlinereimagined by series creator: Sword Art Online Progressive – Barcarolle Of Froth Box Vol. 1-2! After exploring the latest beta test of the new SAO, Kirito is ready to face the official launch together with Asuna. But compared to the trial version, in the final game it seems that something is wrong… and the two boys will once again be forced to overcome a tidal wave of dangerous unexpected events!

Highly anticipated titles such as BJ Alex Box 4 (Vol. 7-8), Frieren – Beyond The End Of The Journey 05, Hanako Kun – The Seven Mysteries of Kamome 16 Academy, Kowloon Generic Romance 05, The Window Of Orfeo 8 will also be available. and Zombie 100 – 08.

For Edizioni BD arrives at bookstores, comic shops and online stores the besiegedthe graphic novel by Stefano Nardella and Vincenzo Bizzarri: it will be available from May 4, following the success of The French Alps and the important nomination of the two authors at the Festival Internacional de le Bande Desinée de Angoulême in 2018. A thriller set in southern Italy, in the atmosphere of the suburban underworld: the besieged it is a work immersed in the darkness of a public housing building that is about to be cleared. Thanks to the realism of the scenarios and the sincere trait of Vincenzo Bizzarri, we meet the protagonists, with no escape route and with the possibility of redemption.

May 11

On May 11, the Italian debut of the new icon of child love arrives in bookstores, comic shops and online stores. Amamiyawith Our future – Bokura no tsuzuki, single volume. After an accident when he was a child, Yousuke and Shuu have lost contact. But now they are in high school and Shuu has moved into his grandmother’s house, a stone’s throw from Yosuke’s house. The latter would like to reconnect their friendship, but Shu’s icy looks don’t seem to bode well…

Also continuing Oshi No Ko 02, Beyond The Clouds 04, Dead Tube 17, Kakegurui Twin 11, Komi Can’t Communicate 18, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 06, Don’t Torment Me, Nagatoro! 08, Super Heroes 12.

May 18

On May 18, the long-awaited author of the successful manga Dagashi Kashi arrives in all comics, bookstores and online stores night call 1. The manga that the anime is based on is currently in production by studio Linden (Tokyo Revengers) and will be out in July!

Unable to find any stimulation in his daytime life, Kou Yamori, a young high school student, has lost sleep and wanders around the city in the middle of the night, like a castaway looking for a place to land. During one of these desperate walks he meets Nazuna Nanakusa, a bit of an odd girl and also a night owl, who helps Kou fully embrace nightlife. What he doesn’t know yet is that she loves to hang out after dark because he’s…a vampire! Is it just her desire for her blood that drives Nazuna, night after night, to meet Kou, or is it something more?

The controversial single volume from the author of Yatamomo, Nega & Posi, The Song of Night and Day, and Color Recipe: Nii-chan by harada. Also available will be BJ Alex 7, Il Terzo Occhio 5, and Black Jack 07 from Osamushi Collection, the long-awaited second volume of the Dance Dance Danseur 02 series, whose anime is available on Crunchyroll! But also: Danmachi – Sword Oratoria 18, I Diari Della Apziale 07, Kakegurui Midari 3, Kingdom 52, Persona 5 – 9, Sword Art Online Progressive – Barcarolle Of Froth 1, The Iron Hero 1.

25 of May

On May 25 it arrives at bookstores, comic shops and online stores smile for track 1, an exciting coming-of-age story that won the 44th Kodansha Manga Awards in the shonen category! Chiyuki Fujito’s dream is to appear at Paris Fashion Week, but she is only five feet tall! Everyone tells her that she is too short to become a model, but Chiyuki doesn’t give up. Despite her unlikely ambitions, she is the first to try to dissuade her penniless classmate Ikuto Tsumura, who wants to become a great stylist… The two leads will persistently pursue her goals!

The long-awaited series will also be available moonlight invader in a collector’s box that collects the two volumes. Sakuma Tatsugaya has a crush on his classmate and clubmate Tsukiko Minamochi. However, just the day she decides to confess her feelings to him, an alien life form called Luna takes control of the girl’s brain… What will become of Sakuma’s love, who is now in the care of this alien? extravagant?

keep going I’m a hero with the second volume of the new edition, Tokyo Revengers 15, Alma 4, Nuvole A Nord-Ovest 03, Saint Seiya Next Dimension 13, Saint Seiya Next Dimension 13 – Black Edition.


Wallman 1-3, Wallman Box Vol.1-3, The Climber 1-3, Killing Stalking S.1 Vol. 1-3, Killing Stalking S.2 Vol. 3, Made in Abyss 1, 7 and 9, Josée, the tiger and the box fish Vol. 1 and 2, Hanako kun: the seven mysteries of Kamome Academy 4 and 6, Blue Period 1-3, Kingdom 1, 8, 9, 37 and 38, Horimiya 2, 10,11, 13, 14, 15 and 16.


On the occasion of #MangaManiaInFeltrinelli, a month of performances and workshops to explore the literary and artistic imagery of the Rising Sun, J-POP Manga in collaboration with the International School of Comics has organized a series of workshops on storytelling within manga. An opportunity to meet the publisher and learn more about manga from authors and experts. Here you have all the details of the Manga Narrative Workshops:

May 6, 6:30 p.m.
with Midori Yamané
theFeltrinelli Libya
Viale Libia, 186 Rome

May 9, 6:00 p.m.
with Stefano Zanchí
Via Ceccardi, 9 Genoa

May 13, 6:00 p.m.
with Stefano Tamiazzo
the Feltrinelli San Francesco
Via S. Francesco, 7, Padua

May 15, 6:30 p.m.
with Vincenzo Filosa
Piazza Piemonte, 2/4, Milan

May 17, 6:00 p.m.
with Lorenzo Palloni
the Feltrinelli Cerratani
Via de’ Cerretani, 40, Florence

Turin International Book Fair
From May 19 to 23, Editions BD and J-POP Manga will participate in the XXXIV edition of the Turin International Book Fair.

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