The shocking revelations about the true nature of the Gom Gom fruit in the last few chapters of ONE PIECE They have shocked the entire community of enthusiasts, leading many of them to consider the existence of other fruits whose real potential the World Government has hidden, even changing their name over the years.

Starting from this idea we come to consider the existence of other Devil Fruits linked to divinities is plausible, much like the Sun God Nika whose powers Luffy seems to have inherited. Specifically, thinking of the Shandia tribe and their strong beliefs towards four deities, respectively. god of sun, rain, earth and forestit is interesting to think about the existence of fruits capable of transmitting powers typical of such gods.

In addition, although it is never specified that the sun god worshiped by the Shandia is Nika, it also makes sense that such a tribe, so attached to the past and traditions, would pray for a legendary warrior like him.

Given the World Government’s choice to cover up the real potential, and the name of the Gom Gom fruit, it is hard to speculate who may have inherited the abilities of the deities previously mentioned. However, excluding for now the references to the ability to generate forests, trees or plants, linked to a fruit, there are two hypotheses related to the powers of a rain god and an earth god.

The most linear refers to the most powerful fruit of the paramishia type: the Gura Gura connected with the god of the earth. First it belonged to Whitebeard and now in the hands of Blackbeard, which allows its owner to generate shock waves capable of passing through any material, and therefore also causing authentic earthquakes. The awakening the potential of such a fruit could lead to manipulation of the earthmoving continents, shifting terrestrial conformity, impressive powers for a human being.

On the other hand, the theory that would link them appears more forced rain god skill to the curious coincidences that occurred during the first appearance of Monkey D. Dragon. In chapter 100, a sudden and mysterious lightning strikes Buggy just before he cuts off Luffy’s head in Rogue Town. Shortly after, Straw Hat is rescued again thanks to a gust of wind that pushes both Smoker and other Marines away from him.

Although it has never been confirmed, it could have been Dragon that generated the lightning and the blast, a power that in the ONE PIECE universe would easily fit into a hypothetical description of the fruit of the rain god. Let us know what you think of these theories by leaving a comment below.

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